We are making mittens.

Our Story

Lawina was created in 2014, from the first pair we have created for ourselves. This is how a unique pattern of gloves was created with carefully crafted details and original colors.


We tried to create gloves as beautiful as possible so that you would not get bored, want to take care of them, fix them and wear them for years.


We love to play with colors, that’s why we use different wools to create unique color combinations. Our wool come from Norway, Turkey and Switzerland.

We do not produce waste. We use almost all our wool. If you discover a knot inside the mitten that connects the yarn, then think that this is a good solution for the environment.


Our motto is “Knitted for Positive People”. Creating our gloves we think about the user who is positively oriented towards the world, kindly treats nature and cares for people. Even he might be not doing things perfectly, he always has good intentions.